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Who are you to judge the life i live i know i'm not perfect and i don't live to be. But before you start pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean.


We help global companies define product visions that shape their future.


Design experiences that move people

It’s not just about being right, it’s about designing the right feeling into your products.

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Make technology feel magical

Taking complex systems and turning them into effortless and elegant experiences.

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Active Innovation

Living between tomorrow and today, helping our clients figure out where to go next.

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We ran an innovation program for KL151 - a new innovation lab dedicated to reimagining the future for the world’s oldest airline.

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Rip + Tear supported us with an inspiring and professional design process, helping us realise new futures for KLM.
Liesbeth Oudkerk
VP Digital Transformation - KLM
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A studio of independent and dedicated craftspeople

We care about the meaning of what we make. We also like to be nice to each other, and to have fun doing what we do.

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Common questions

Choosing the right partner for your company can be complex, so we've distilled the most common questions we get asked to help you navigate the process.

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For Virgin Media we conceived, designed and developed an engagement platform that would make their longest-serving customers feel proud to be with Virgin.

What kind of challenges do you take on?

We get asked questions like “Can you help us create more loyal customers?”, or  “Can you help our startup design a more mature product?” or even “We have a new customer that we’re not serving, and we need to design a new service to meet their needs”. We’re at our best helping you solve key business problems where a typical design solution or an expensive consultant cannot deliver.

What makes Rip + Tear different?

Simply our integration of deep strategic thinking with world-class design, always in the room together with you, from day one. That makes us uniquely able to work with you on the business challenges that matter, and to be able to express our ideas in prototypes not presentations. It feels really different to what you might be used to. No more death by powerpoint or having to guide gifted but naive design agencies through a product creation process. We created Rip + Tear to bring the worlds of rigorous thought and dedicated craftsmanship under one roof. Our clients so far seem to like it!

What process can I expect when working with Rip+Tear?

When working with an innovation-led experience design company like us you will find that we tend to customise the details of our approach to fit your particular problem. That said, more often than not we follow the steps of discover, define, design and deliver. For more on how we work check out our approach

How do I get a proposal from you?

If you’re looking for an experience design agency or some smart support on your innovation challenges and you know what you want then the simplest way is to just email us with a quick summary of the problem you’re trying to solve, and your contact details. One of our founders will call you back the same day to discuss your challenge and ask initial questions. 

Following that call, if we both feel there is a fit then we will schedule a follow up to meet more of your team. We'll introduce some of ours, and to get more details on the challenge. At this stage we will ask lots more detailed questions and will be looking to nail down goals, timings, scope, what success looks like and so on. Following that session we will supply a formal proposal with the complete project outline and an associated investment.

Do you do branding and visual design?

Our focus is experience design and innovation - how to join up your complete digital experience and how to imagine and design new and game-changing features. That of course must integrate your brand and we handle that from a strategic perspective. If you need a complete brand identity and design system, then we have expert partners that we would be happy to introduce you to and that we have a track record of working smoothly with.

How do you work with development?

Our goal is always to work hand-in-hand with development to ensure a smooth handover of all design deliverables into your build team. Depending on how you are set up internally we can either do 1-2 week handovers where we closely collaborate and then stay in touch with your development team through their cycles. Alternatively, if you’re working in a form of agile, we can place designers within your development teams to ensure on-going interaction. 

If you need a complete development capability and don’t have in-house resource then we have highly trusted partners that we work with regularly and smoothly. We can introduce you and integrate into the project approach and planning.

Do you work with startups and can we afford you?

As an Amsterdam based innovation-led experience design company we do work with startups we love, especially if you’re doing something radical that matters (if you’re in DeFi please email our founders here ). 

We’re always looking for exciting new ideas to be a part of so always reach out if you need help thinking through your product vision and strategy, need some professional design support for your early stage product or you just need some smart people to bounce ideas with.



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