The integration of visionary strategic thinking with world class experience design.
Connecting the dots between what the future has in store for your business with how that translates into a beautiful and elegant experience you can start building tomorrow.
Active Innovation
Figuring out the future with you.

We combine strategic foresight with a design + learn methodology to help our clients create and test new concepts, products, services and business models.
See how we helped create a loyalty program that makes Virgin Media’s longest-serving customers feel proud to be with Virgin.
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For Virgin Media we conceived, designed and developed an engagement platform that would make their longest-serving customers feel proud to be with Virgin.

What do you mean by active innovation?

It’s our way of saying we’re focused on innovation that immediately changes your business outcomes. There are other companies that will do a great job of telling you what the world may look like in 50 years, we’re focused on how we bring the future to life for you right now.

What do you actually offer within innovation?

We can work with you, or for you, running through the gamut from very first research and needs mapping looking for problems to solve or needs to meet. Through concepts on post-its and paper, prioritisation and proposition development, into prototyping and testing. We put initial ideas into the hands of customers quickly, and then higher fidelity UX and design work on the ideas that work.

What do you not do within innovation?

We don’t do highly speculative futures work. If you want a 50 year horizon inspiration piece we can introduce you to experts in that field that we highly recommend. At the other end of the spectrum we don’t do development and build so as you get closer to full launch. We again know several brilliant development agencies that we have a track record of working well with that we would be happy to introduce you to.

Experience Design
Making that future a reality.

Armed with a clear view of where your future lies we convert that into world-class experience design solutions. This means executing on the vision through seamless customer journeys, and delightful interactions that your users won’t be able to forget.
See how we helped ING Bank to create a new contactless ticketing experience so smooth it felt a little bit like magic.
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For Virgin Media we conceived, designed and developed an engagement platform that would make their longest-serving customers feel proud to be with Virgin.

What exactly does experience design mean?

It’s the design of complete and connected experiences. It’s what you need when designing for a modern brand that has a set of digital touchpoints that a user may interact with.

It starts with defining the business goals that matter and understanding your users and their journey. We then translate that into an experience that is smooth and delightful through elegant and intuitive design.

What makes you different from a consultancy?

We’ve all had the pleasure of wading through large expensive presentations that say a lot but don’t seem to translate into concrete actions your business can act on. That’s why we connect the dots of strategy, innovation and user experience from day one. If we define a vision we’ll have the solution on how to translate that into an experience you can go to market with and your customers can touch.

What makes you any different from my design agency?

A typical design agency will focus on things like branding, visual identity, logos, the expression of your brand visually. An experience design agency like Rip + Tear instead designs complete digital systems for smooth customer journeys. 

We think through how customers move into your ecosystem, how they move through it, what they get along the way and why. Then we connect that to the expression of your brand so the customer experience is intertwined with how you present yourself to the world.

What do you actually deliver?

We’ve spent years refining the deliverables that actually matter for a client and move projects forward. That usually means making something tangible that you can put in your hands and experience for yourself. Whether it’s an experience flow or customer journey map, or a digital prototype that brings to life the concepts being talked about, or a film that shows what your customers really think about your product.

We deliver everything in workshop format so that we can discuss and refine our thinking together and you don’t need to sit through another hour of PowerPoint. 

For each deliverable we also use the latest collaborative software like Figma and Miro so that your whole team can see and explore, and input on our thinking along the way.

How much will it cost to hire you?

This depends on the scope, timelines and scale of the project at hand. We always work to a flat fee basis, we don’t use time and materials as we believe that sets false incentives that are ultimately harmful to generating win-win scenarios. What we take great care to do up front of every project is to agree together with you what success looks like, and is worth to the business. Once we’re aligned on that we will create a dedicated project investment for you.

To give at least an indicative example we find that a typical project falls into the €100-150k band and tends to take 6-10 weeks. We have a 100% client retention rate meaning that all of our clients to date have returned for a second (or third or fourth!) project together and we’re happy and humbled to say this.

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