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How to Design Awesome Workshops

A complete masterclass on how to create workshops that really work.
04 min read
In this masterclass we cover every step of the workshop design process. We give you concrete methodologies, processes and techniques to design and prepare effective workshops no matter the topic.
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A complete masterclass that includes:

  • A downloadable course guide PDF (116 pages), that breaks down the theory and process of workshop design and gives you a step-by-step manual for designing smart and strategic workshops.
  • Accompanying the guide are video lessons that walk through every chapter of the booklet and deep-dive the content top give you expert insight and additional understanding for each step of the process.
  • We've designed a bespoke canvas that accompanies this course - with exercises at the end of every chapter so you can plan your next workshop live with the class, the canvas is both a way to instantly apply the learning, and a tool that you can come back to every time you have to plan a new workshop.
  • Also included in this masterclass is a complete checklist to print out and complete in advance of your next workshop to make sure you're completely prepared and ready to deliver an awesome session.
We've added 20 quick tips as a reference pack

Video classes

We've added video explainers for each topic, some people prefer just to read the PDF and use the canvas, others like the extra context of the video explainers - whatever works for you.

Workshop canvas

We've designed a simple canvas you can use to make sure all your bases are covered, and to help you structure your workshop to be as fun and effective as possible. Feel free to use the canvas and share with colleagues. Let us know how it works and, even better, if you have ideas for how to improve the content or structure of the canvas.

The world does not need another boring workshop where everyone agrees to do nothing, so let's consign sessions like that to the bin and start doing fun, engaging and effective workshops that move your project forward.

You can download all the course materials, videos and canvas here

Let us know how it goes!



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